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HTTYD 2 Night and Day by sharpie91

BRAVE 500px gifs [8/?]
Hiccup left a present on Toothless' pillow, waiting for him to come home and see it. Inside was a dragon dildo, complete with a knot. There was no note or anything, just the lovely, purple device with a bow on it. Hiccup figured it would be both humorous since his boyfriend was part dragon, and hot since his boyfriend never got to have a dragon dick in him since Hiccup was obviously not a dragon. ((Happy sexual sunday


//Smut below the cut lil bit graphic read at own peril and my embarrassment.//

It had been a very very very long day at work. Infact Toothless had needed to do eight lap dances for seven different girls. Girl number four had requested two dances and toothless’ thighs were exhausted. The motorcycle ride home at least had numbed his legs. He staggered in falling through the door and crawling along the hallway to his bedroom. He dug around in his pockets looking for his cell to check the time and to see if Hic had texted him. “Crap,” He said stretching up and pulling himself onto the bed. His hand brushed something cardboard in the darkness. The boy jumped a little and shone his phone’s light onto the very neatly wrapped box. 

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queueing this because im very proud of it and actually want you to read it because it was hella fun to write.

☾ : Sleep headcanon
☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon
☼ : Childhood headcanon
☯ : Genderbent headcanon
⋆ : Sex headcanon
☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
☄ : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)
♤ : Cooking headcanon
⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon
☻ : Mood headcanon
✚ : health headcanon
✿ : happiness headcanon
✖ : anger headcanon
♆ : body headcanon
ϡ : mental state headcanon
ღ : love or sexuality headcanon
♡ : relationship with (give name or url)
† : religion headcanon
✄ : pet peeve headcanon
☂ : food headcanon
♒ : Any other question of your choosing
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an attempt to draw Kevin from Ed Edd and Eddy

Hoping to draw kevedd one day *happy sighs*

iamtoothless hiccuptheunforgetable


Part four of the Httyd icon series! I love making these, and y’all seem to love em’ too, so I’ll just keep making em’! Just like or reblog (or both ;) ) if you want to use these as your icon




This is how I stayed alive my senior year

Max. Your new icon. *shudders*
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You're still ignorant and stupid


What bitch is insulting kaden? Do I literally need to destroy someone?

There’s several things I don’t stand for and one of the things I absolutely hate (and if you know my you know I don’t get angry or use the word hate lightly.) is when people make fun or try to poke holes at the people I care about.

In conclusion fuck off mr anon and in the future if you’re going to send nasty shit my ask box is right here.


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and here we have the differences between women’s and boy’s/men’s tshirts



Am I supposed to be mad about the price, or the insinuation that I, as a woman, need to be saved, but a man needs to be the hero?